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FoodLine was created in 2009 when Joseph & Shawn tried to find caterers for their events, and realised it was...more


Tha Chang Noodle Bar

Traditional Boat Noodle that enchant your heart... A unique spot that is a monocular experience where we merge a good...more


Delcie’s Desserts and Cakes Pte Ltd

Delcie's Desserts and Cakes is the first in Singapore to bake and market its healthier cakes. Using mostly organic low-GI...more


Marian’s Lactation Pte Ltd

Lactation bakery helping mothers to increase breastmilk. Lactation bakery helping mothers to increase breastmilk both in quantity and quality. Marian\'s...more


Catopia Cafe

Catopia Café was set up with the purpose to bring people closer to cats in a safe social environment through...more


Haflong Tea Pte Ltd

Haflong Tea is one of the best tea shops in Singapore, We provide flower tea, organic green tea, masala tea,...more


Royal Indian Restaurant Pte Ltd

Royal Indian Restaurant should be your final destination if you are looking for affordable Indian food in Jalan Besar and...more


Zane Pte Ltd

Eat Clean with ZANE Finest Cordyceps Tea and Cordyceps Gourmet Singapore Food. Cordyceps Superfood infused, Double Boiled, Sous vide cooked...more


D’Open Kitchen

D'Open Kitchen is about making cooking food fun for everyone. We organise and execute cooking team building events as well...more