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ProMedUSA is Asia's leading solutions provider for Ozone Generators, Water Purification Systems and Bi-Polar Ionisation products to Disinfect, and Sanitize your indoor air, Remove Odours, and Purify your water.

We provide products and total solutions to help our customers meet the newest standards of hygiene and disinfection and odour removal. We can help you continuously and silently disinfect the air you breathe, and all of the surfaces you touch.

Our products destroy and deactivate viruses including the COVID-19 coronavirus in the air and on surfaces, remove odours, germs, bacteria and clean, sanitise and disinfect any surface and and your indoor air.

We are your local authorised dealer for: AZCO Industries Clearwater Tech Ozone AtmosAir Bi-Polar Ionization Units ProMedUSA Ozone Generators, Ionizers and Ozonizers SG-WDS ProMedUSA + BioSure In-Line Water Disinfection System ProMedUSA SG-OzPak & OzVest Portable Ozone Water Jetspray units Aeroqual Handheld Ozone Meters and IAQ Monitoring Products Ecosensors Ozone Sensors and Monitors Novita Dehumidifiers, and Air Purifiers.


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