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- Get a low interest rate from 1% per month
- Fast Response Time on working days
- All income-levels eligible for a loan

Notes to Borrowers: is Singapore’s No.1 Business directory. All our recommended advertisers in our web portal are carefully screened & selected and are legally licensed by various government authorities of Singapore. While we are unable to represent all financial institutions/companies on their individual products, services, criteria and policies, we have the following general guidelines provided for your consideration prior to your application for a financial facility.

  • The Effective Interest Rates per annum for borrowers’ income below S$20,000 per annum is 20%
  • Do remember to enquire if there are any hidden fees built within your loan if approved.
  • In the event of any default or early redemption, will the lending company/institution impose any penalty, late fee and/or late interest. And if any, how are these fees charged and calculated.
  • Do enquire about the renewal policies and fees involved if you wish to renew your facilities with the company/institution.
  • For cases of delayed or default payment, how will such situations affect my credit scores. would like to remind all borrowers to exercise prudence when borrowing. Do not over commit your financial obligations and expose yourself to a short-term loan that is too high for you to repay. For more infomation, please visit IPTO website here