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Have you encountered times when you were too busy with work and not having much time to do your laundry? Or perhaps even rainy days leaving you with no time to dry your laundry for work next day? How about having to wash and wear the same shirt later in the day without hassle or even heading to the mall for shopping and coming home to find your laundry ready to use?

Busy Executives, Mothers, Homeowners and Elderlies, we hear you! It's easy to use, low in energy consumption and comes with safety mechanism that leaves you with a piece of mind when Mensch Automated Laundry System is at work.

We at Mensch strives to bring the latest innovative and functional home solution right to your doors. We as homeowners experience bad weather, busy schedules, yet having to take care of both young and elderly at home.

Simply hang your laundry after it's wash and effortlessly get ready to collect it crisp and dry; while you spend time with your love ones instead. We have it all covered, whether you are at sleep, work, play, shopping, let us put your priorities first. Contact us today to find out more!

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