Stream Peak International Pte Ltd
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For 45 years, Stream Peak International dedication to providing professional recommendations and quality protective packaging to meet the needs of our clients.

We have generated a host of damage preventive solutions for industries including Electronics, Semiconductor, Logistics, Warehousing, Packer, Mover, Food, Power, Refinery, Healthcare, Defense, Military, Aerospace, and Automobile.

Our devotion to our clients to partner and solve the challenges with the latest industrial solutions and expertise. We pledge ourselves to improve and protect the supply chain to reduce waste.

At Stream Peak, we strive to safeguard the integrity of our customers’ products by preventing damages from moisture, gas, impact, temperature, and corrosion during transit and storage.

To protect other valuable assets of our clients, i.e., profits, infrastructures, and employees; Stream Peak also provide solutions involving workplace safety and automatic packaging machines.

We are committed to keeping goods safe to avoid unnecessary losses and waste from damaged goods — One less worry when we take care of damage protection.


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